Saturday, September 6, 2008

Why Do Anime Guys Rips Off Their Shirts in Every Day Activities and Real Guys Do Not?

That is the question we are addressing today.

Since my internet connection has again become reliable (mainly because I'm using the cord signal and not the wireless signal which still has bugs) I've been watching more Anime. I recently finished Yu Yu Hakusho (demons and spirit detective, if you've got no idea don't worry about the specifics) but it is good.

While watching, I noticed that majority of the guys would just randomly loose their shirts. While riding a bike, that was my favorite. I'm riding a bike, no shirt. Yes, that's how it went. In the most recent Kenshin episode a man jumped off the roof and ripped his shirt off. Why? And why can't guys in real life do that?

I believe that if I were walking across campus and a man on a bike rode by and his shirt ripped off, randomly, I would be entertained and in some circumstances forced to stare. In other circumstances I would be disgusted but overall I would be entertained because of the fantastical nature of it.

The jumping off the roof thing is a big harder to the real man. First he must survive the fall. Second he must have enough dexterity to rip off his shirt. It might be too much to ask.

Now, my dear readers, I will include a disclaimer so when the crazies get on here and have the desire to try this . . . just don't try this. Don't jump off the roof. If you are riding your bike and attempt to rip your shirt off and then get his by something it is not my fault, it is your own stupidity for trying. Thank you.

Have a great one.

Picture #1: My face when odd shirt-loss occurances occur on anime shows. Picture #2: My face if I were to see something like that in real life. Picture #3: My face if anybody were to jump off the roof of a building after reading this post.


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Haha, that is not only amazing but pertinent.
Thanks for reading.

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